Master Your Power Within Review: Guest Post #3

Guest Post Authored by Donnalea Johnson

A ‘board game’…. who’d have thought a simple board game would have lead me to the gateway of creating an extraordinary life with the opportunity to achieve my highest potential by aligning myself with certain principles virtually guaranteeing to produce results…results in ALL areas of my life; financial, emotional, spiritual and physical. I am embracing the concept of learning to harness and strengthen the most powerful parts of myself, to unleash my potential to overcome anything and keep myself focused during tough times. I am looking forward to rewarding myself with a life full of enduring abundance. As I grow, I am anticipating stretching my perspective past the edge of my previous understanding to see opportunities that have been in plain sight all along. I am excited to make every decision a great decision by being in a peak state and get what I truly want most in life to create my optimal future and not to be swayed by circumstance. I want to serve by inspiring those I love and those around me to perform at their peak levels. I am hungry to learn what motivates people, what drives us and what holds us back from getting what we desire. Learning about the Higher Laws and the Compass of Abundance is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and my interest is peaked.  I’m at a crossroads in my life, ready to take the first step into the abyss and have faith that the bridge has appeared;

Ready Set Go…Meet the Lion and Hear Me Roar!!!

Master Your Power Within Review: Guest Post

Guest Post Authored by Olena Gaivoronska

3 years ago, I attended one seminar my city. My friend who knew about my challenges said that this event will change my life.  »It could be the change that I needed at this moment» I thought to myself. Frankly speaking, I was in a very, very dark place and it seemed like this season of my life would never end. It wasn’t just the moment of feeling «blue» that I believe each person goes through in their lives time to time, I had serious personal issues caused by abusive relationship in the past, big trust issues because of one realtor stealing $8,000 from me, my relationship with my daughter also struggled and my business was falling apart right from the beginning. I prayed everyday to get some help as these circumstances made me nearly suicidal.

And this is how I met Brendon Broadwater, a millionaire, multiple business owner, awesome speaker, a teacher, the person with a lot of Integrity. But at that time he was a messenger for me, Universe finally responded to my prayers and it spoke to me through this person on the stage right now.

I was learning with fascination about relationships, Heavenly Guide, money and business, how to be successful and make an impact in other people’s lives even got the answers to what Universe wants me to start doing (it was taking care of myself, to be honest, I never had time for it but I badly needed it now). I remember how I went home after the first day and I couldn’t fall asleep because the amount of knowledge that I was just given needed to be implemented now. I felt so much urgency at that moment.

The second day I came home with even more wisdom, the more I was learning the thirstier I was getting… So many things in my life needed fixing and I was willing to step in like a Lion. After the third day I had a plan in which I committed to work on my priorities, implement principles into relationship with the Universe, myself and my daughter, work on my business and many other things that needed to be changed in order to improve my life. I even signed up for coaching other training because I finally got an access to infinite wisdom and I didn’t want to go back to the place I was at before.  In fact, I was willing to do whatever it takes to create better life for me and my daughter. I was committed to start working now.

This was 3 years ago. I still remember the day and the feeling. I can not say those were 3 easy years of my life-I had crashes and burned but I also had great breakthroughs and lessons which helped me to leave that dark place I was in. Turns out, it wasn’t even a place, it was just a trap built by my mind…

Now I’m sitting at the same event 3 years later with my heart full of gratitude for the great journey I experienced and amazing wisdom that came in the right time. I know that life can throw surprises at you unexpectedly (have no idea how many of those are waiting for me down the road), but know one thing with certainty, if you have questions and you want results – go meet Brandon Broadwater at his seminar « Master Your Power Within», it has it all and even more 🙂

Master Your Power Within: Guest Post

Guest Post by Tyrel Behnke

So I attended a seminar on finding my power within this weekend.  I got the invite from a person I went on a date with a couple months ago and during the date, we talked about the actual reality of what both of ourselves wanted in life and where we actually see ourselves in five years.  Wow! A lot of our goals were exactly the same for both of us.  But as my life goes, she said she did not see a relationship in the dating aspect but rather I was like the brother figure she has always wanted in her life.  It is the strangest feeling I think I have have ever experienced because I was and I am 100% okay with that.  I believe amazing friendships in my life actually work and not fall apart as every other dating relationship of mine has.

So back to the seminar.  The gift of the ticket to attend will forever change my life.  I have learned that I have a lion inside that has been desperately trying to  escape the cage that I have trapped him in because of the fear I have of getting hurt again.  I have learned that I have been asking myself poor quality questions and therefore getting poor quality answers.  I have learned to push myself and not feel sorry for my hyena inside and to start asking good quality questions and all weekend I have had good quality answers.  I have learned how to master my finances by setting up prosperity accounts and following simple steps to actually stay focused.  I have learned that my God is always right and is willing to have my back no matter what I do.  I have learned to give back to the universe and the universe and everybody around me will see the different person I can be.  The Lion I can be.  I have learned that even thought I am masculine but I need to have the ability to be in-tune with my feminine side and that it is okay to do this.  I have learned that no matter what anyone says, money is important but that money alone does not bring happiness.  There is so many more areas of my lifeI will need to address.  But the main thing I’ve learned is that I am amazing and until I believe it about myself, no one else will either.  People really can feel when you are faking being yourself.  I would recommend this seminar to absolutely everyone.  It will change your life!

How to Feel Awesome All the Time

Higher Laws' Brandon Broadwater teaches all of the principles in this 
article at his three-day event "Master Your Power Within™."

Do you feel like this in the morning?


Is this your work day?


Do you regularly feel this way?


Maybe you only have days like this once in a while.  Maybe this happens to you more often than you care to admit.  Believe it or not, there is a cure.  You can feel consistently awesome all the time.  This does not mean that life will be simpler, but it will give you the strength and energy to handle every challenge that comes your way with grace and optimism.  The best place to start is the foundation.

The Foundation: Living Right

The very foundation of being your best self comes from aligning yourself to what you know.  Regardless of religious persuasion or cultural upbringing, every person has a sense of right and wrong.  The foundation of feeling awesome all the time comes from having a guilt-free conscience.

Example: If you know that lying is wrong and you do it anyway, there is no amount of charity work, exercise, or positive activities you can do to make you feel awesome.   You are out of balance.

Your foundation has to be solid before anything else can build on top of it.  Do what you know is right, and don’t do what you know is wrong.  No gray area.  Keep it simple.

Pillar One: Positive Language

The first pillar is easy to understand.  Keep your language positive, including the words you speak and the thoughts you think.





Pillar Two: Physiology

Your body is the vehicle for you to accomplish your goals and dreams, so it only makes sense that it is a key ingredient in this recipe for feeling awesome.  If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.  Sleep, eating well and exercising (make these priorities in that order) will give you consistent energy and keep your mood up.

STOP: Are you in a slump in this very moment?  Try this:

1. Stand up.
2. Do a silly dance, a few push-ups  or whatever it takes to move your whole body (don’t hold back!).
3. Keep moving your body for at least 60 seconds.  


I’ll let you be the judge of how powerful your physiology can be after that exercise.

Pillar Three: Focus

More detail about this pillar can be found in a previous post I wrote about understanding emotions how to control them.  The main point can be summarized in this sentence:

“What you focus on expands.”

Ask yourself the right questions that will produce positive answers.  Your emotions can be directed by the questions that you ask yourself.  Read this post to learn how!


With all of these tools, it is possible feel awesome all the time!  After learning these tools from Brandon Broadwater at Master Your Power Within™, I’ve been able to handle life so much better.  Life hasn’t been easier, but I’ve been able to handle it in a way that makes me excited to wake up in the mornings.  If you think you could use some positivity and optimism in your life, give this a try.  I have a feeling you’ll like what you find!

How to Control Your Emotions | Finding Happiness

My entire life I have been a slave to my emotions.  They dictated my decisions, how I treated other people, how I viewed myself, and what I thought my future would be like.  I thought there was no way out of my extended emotional roller coaster– the ups, the downs, spiraling out of control, and never knowing what was next.

Now I have perspective, understanding, and emotional control.  How?

I learned all of this from an event called “Master Your Power Within.”  This was a three day event put on by Higher Laws, a small company founded by self-made millionaire Brandon Broadwater.  I was skeptical at first, but this just this bit of knowledge alone made it worth it for me, and since it has changed my life, I want to share it with you.

The Brain is an Asset and Liability

The brain is an amazing computer.  It’s like a powerful search engine– whatever you ask, it will answer.  Ask your brain the question, “What is an apple?”  Your brain will present you with all the information that it has on the subject, inclusive of images, details, sensations and previous experiences.  Although useful, it can also be a dangerous weapon used to kill a positive self-image and a can-do attitude.  You are constantly asking your brain questions without realizing it.  Read through this list of phrases and decide if any of them sound familiar:

“What is wrong with me?”
“Why am I such a failure?”
“Would everyone be better off without me?”
“Why do bad things always happen to me?”
“Does anyone actually care about me?”
“Why can’t I do anything right?”

When your brain is asked is asked these questions or anything remotely similar, it will answer your question and provide you with supporting evidence.

Example:  You ask your brain the question: “What is wrong with me?” Your brain immediately answers with a list: “You are chubby, ugly, boring, smelly, lazy and nobody likes you.”  Then, your supporting evidence will come you in forms of memories and previous experiences– things people have said to or about you, your insecurities, weaknesses, horrible experiences, twisted perceptions, and anything else related to those trains of thought.  Those answers create emotions.

To illustrate, imagine a bridge over a stream.  Questions stand on the bridge and throw answers into the stream.  The answers dissolve into the stream creating emotion.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.22.25 PM

Have you ever felt an emotion and could not figure out where that feeling came from?  This used to happen to me all the time.  With this illustration, it’s easy to see that emotions are downstream from the questions we ask ourselves.  If I feel sad, I can track back to 45 seconds earlier and realize a poor quality question that I asked my brain, leading to the emotion that I am feeling in that moment.

The Cure for Negative Emotions

If we know that negative emotions are the result of poor quality questions posed to our brains, wouldn’t the solution lie in the changing the question?  Instead of asking your self questions like, “What is wrong with me?” and “Why am I such a failure?”, you need to…

Turn the questions around!

Ask yourself questions that will result in positive answers, like these:

What is awesome about my life right now?
What am I good at? (If your brain answers with “Nothing,” keep asking until you get a concrete answer.  You have to train it to filter out the negativity.)
What makes me special?
What are two things that I’m thankful for?
How can I make a positive difference to the people around me?
What can I do to make my life EVEN better? (adding the word “even” implies that your life is already good!)
What can I learn from this difficult experience?

Remember our illustration from earlier?  Good quality questions bring about good quality answers which bring about good quality emotions!  The more you practice, the more these good quality questions will come even easier to you.

Bad Question: Why am I such a loser?
Mediocre Question: How can I be a better parent?
Good Question:  How can I be an EVEN better parent?

Try It Right Now. I Dare You.

Customize your own good quality questions to your situation right now.  Use the questions above as a template or completely recreate your own!  Once you have your questions (I recommend writing them down), ask them to your brain.  Think them or say them out loud, pay special attention to the answers, and pay even more attention to how those answers make you feel.  If it made a difference, don’t stop.  This is your journey.  Start now.

How to Make Change Happen

Before I met Brandon Broadwater and attended his Master Your Power Within event (formally The Answer to Everything event),  I felt like change was far beyond me.  I have tried so often in the past to change myself, create goals, and make a difference in my life.  Even through I tried, it always seemed to get into the same rut as before.

Change ahead road sign

Higher Laws taught me this principle that helped me see that I am not a failure, I am just trying to do too much too soon.  This principle helped me to understand that I am capable of great things.

Life is Won and Lost in the Little Things

Change is not one big event.  Often times, people wait for life to make them happy.  I have fallen prey to this way of thinking most of my life.  People wait for outside influences to determine the state of their happiness.  I have caught myself with the following thoughts:

“I will be much happier when I finally graduate from college.”

“I will be so happy when I get married and have a family.”

“I will finally be happy when I get the perfect job.”

“I would be so much happier if I just had more money.”

“I know I would finally be happy when I lose twenty pounds.”

If you are a normal human being, I am sure that you have at one time or another found yourself asking a similar question.  The interesting thing about this line of thinking is that once I attain one of these things, I don’t achieve the lifetime of happiness like I thought I would.  The happiness is fleeting and I find myself pining for another milestone to find happiness.

That is such a backwards way of thinking.  Life is won and lost in the little things.  Small habits make a big difference daily.

By focusing on small steps toward change, it is shaping and molding my character.  It’s all about creating a goal and dissecting the small steps to make that happen.

I am a Lion

At the Higher Laws’ Master Your Power Within event presented by millionaire Brandon Broadwater, I learned something that changed the entire way that I viewed myself.

Before I learned this principle, I was caught in an endless, vicious cycle of self-loathing.  I could not stop hating myself no matter what I learned or what I practiced.  There were a few days in my earthly existence that I remember not struggling with this problem, but for the remaining 8,000+ days it was hard to see the good in myself.

I’ve always known that there are good and bad in all people.  One of my favorite novels put it this way:

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

~ Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I had a hard time internalizing that principle until I heard it taught at Master Your Power Within.  As Brandon Broadwater taught this principle, he characterized the good and bad in each person into a hyena and a lion.

The Hyena

The hyena inside us represents our natural desires, appetites and inclinations.  This is the part of me that is prone to road rage, gossip, depression, laziness, backbiting and many other similar characteristics.  Higher Laws taught me that to experience these feelings is completely natural.

The most powerful part of this principle I learned was this.

I am NOT my hyena.

What I mean by that is my hyena is not my identity.  I am not defined by my weaknesses.  Every time I have experienced a hyena feeling in the past, I always assumed that I was a bad person and that was the end of it.
No!  That is not true!  I cannot believe that I led my life thinking that I was a bad person because of every natural thought I had or acted on.  I was just confused, suppressing my lion inside of me.

The Lion

The lion represents the very best inside ourselves.  The lion is courageous, brave, happy, creative, and every good quality I have or want to develop.

THIS is my identity.  These qualities define who I am.  I am a strong, confident woman with lots of love to give.  I am a happy and creative woman with gifts to give the world.  I am brave, I am beautiful, and I am powerful.

I am a lion.

Since I had this realization, I have made great strides in learning to actually love myself and channel the power I have inside me.  It has been an amazing experience so far and I am loving being a lion.

What You Can Do

Stop.  Stop thinking of yourself as a bad person or a worthless person.  That is your inner ego (your hyena) talking.  When you recognize that voice, silence it.  Your inner power (your lion) is the only voice that can tell you who you are and what you are worth.

Take a moment and list the traits that make you an amazing person.  Ask yourself good quality questions to help if you get stuck.  Look at that list.  That is who you are.  You are not defined by your past, your mistakes, your insecurities or anything else.  You are a lion.  Be a lion.